LAN 【大城蘭】

発売日:2008 / 06 / 04

1. Vaya Con Dios 
  Words and Music by Inez James Walden,Bubby Pepper&Larry Russell
2. Vincent(Starry,Starry Night) 
  Written by Don McLean
3. One 
  Written by Adam Clayton・Dave Evans・Paul David Hewson・Larry Mullen
4. Sunshine On My Shoulders 
  Written by John Denver・Dick Kniss・Mike Taylor
5. Love Is Here To Stay 
  Words by Ira Gershwin Music by George Gershwin
6. Mona Lisa 
  Words and Music by Raymond B Evans&Jay Livingston
7. Home of the blues 
  Words&Music by Jonny Cash,Glenn Douglas,Lillie McAlpin
8. アカシアの雨がやむとき 
  Words by Kaoru Mizuki Music by Hideyuki Fujiwara
9. Side By Side 
  Words&Music by Harry Woods
10. Sails 
  Words and Music by Johanna D.Hall・John Joseph Hall
11. 笛を吹く少年 
  Words by Natsumi Kobayashi Music by Yuichiro Hiraoka
12. 手紙 
  Words by Natsumi Kobayashi Music by Naoki Kitajima